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During the last 10 years research and development of the World’s first 3D nano-pulveriser technology leading to the successful production of Nano Calcium Essential.

Nano-Cal Calcium Supplement
This is the only technology available in the World that allows organic and inorganic materials to be manufactured through the ultra-pure classification system opening up a new chapter in the management of dietary supplementation. For the future Nanova Tech will be developing other nano-related products using this unique manufacturing process that will continue to enhance health and well-being.


Calcium is arguably the most important nutrient in the body with approximately 99% stored within bones and teeth. Calcium is essential for many of the body’s functions and dietary intake of calcium should provide all the body’s daily requirements. However if intake is insufficient over a prolonged period of time this can lead to bone thinning, as calcium is lost from the stores within the bones, and an increased risk of fractures and osteoporosis.


Calcium Essential provides : Calcium carbonate with a consistent particle size of 30-900nm, 100,000 times smaller than general calcium supplements currently available.


Almost 100% absorption for utilisation by the body, unlike general calcium supplements where only ~23% will be absorbed with the remaining undigested calcium potentially causing unwanted side effects e.g. constipation or kidney stones. The purest and most valuable source of calcium supplement available today, free from chromium, lead, barium and mercury.

A source of calcium free from sugar, starch, gluten, yeast, artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives and so is suitable for all consumers.


Why Nano Calcium Essential is Better

Nano-Calcium is already commercially available in many countries. This means that many people around the World are already experiencing Nano Calcium Essential as a superior formulation of nano calcium compared to standard calcium products currently available in the vitamin supplement marketplace.

This product information for Nano Calcium Essential is produced to help our customers in their understanding of the product’s characteristics, the evaluation of the available data and their confidence in the quality and excellence of the manufacturing process and the final Acenano product.


Nano Calcium Essential

The recommended daily dose of Nano Calcium Essential is up to 2 capsules per day as a daily calcium supplement with each capsule containing 220mg calcium carbonate, equivalent to 85mg of elemental calcium. The effects of Nano Calcium Essential have been studied through both animal experiments and clinical experiment from certified institutions over several years. However, the motivation to sell this as a dietary food supplement, and not as a medical product, is to allow anyone to have access to it.

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